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2010 Invitations January 9, 2010

Posted by wanderinggrizzly in 20 Something, Quarter-Life Crisis, yoga.
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Here I am being all mopey and low.  Trying to figure out if the way I am handling life is the right thing to do or just the easiest.  Fighting the ‘flight’ instinct as hard as I can.  Feeling betrayed by one closest to me and not being able to turn to anyone else as my social web is almost entirely entwined… when out from Cyberspace I suddenly get a bundle of good tidings.  Some from strangers, some from acquaintances of varying degrees.  They all immensely cheered me up.  Granted it’s sometimes easier to be kinder to a total stranger than a loved one but it reminded me that sometimes when all you really want to do is shut down you should open yourself up to the universe and good things will come in.  So this gave me a new idea on how to frame my 2010 resolutions.  Instead of resolving to change things (the ‘re’ of resolve kind of bothers me, since it means ‘again’ which implies trying again, or having to try again when what I want it a fresh start), I am going to invite those attributes that I want into my life.  So hear they are, Grizzly’s invitations for 2010.

I invite Connections:  People are important to me.  While I am introverted I still love talking and learning from others.  I also realize networking is more important than ever in our society.  I am going to make more of an effort to cultivate the relationships in my life.  I’m planning on doing it the old fashioned way; Letter-writing.  I’ll set up a facebook status inviting anyone who wants to receive a lovely handwritten letter from me should send me their address.  Hopefully I’ll have some takers and who knows perhaps it could turn into something really big like Person A wants a job and Person B knows someone hiring etc etc.

I invite Health.  I want to continue to nurture my body.  Through just 5 weeks of training for a marathon I’m already amazed at what I am accomplishing.  I’d like to run 3 marathons in 2010.  I also just signed up for my first Yogafit instructor training session.  Beyond that I want to keep testing my physical abilities, hike more, try rock climbing, learn how to rope.

I invite Fight: This one sounds negative but it’s not so much conflict as it is bravery.  I am passive aggressive.  I want to encourage myself to be more assertive, to stand up for myself when patronized and call someone out when they are bullshitting.  Yogajournal did a great article on Warrior Pose a few months ago.  I’ll start exploring the different variations in my own yoga practice and find out what kind of ‘warrior’ I am supposed to be.

I invite Openness: This is probably my overall theme for 2010.  I want to be open to new experiences, new relationships, new ideas.  I don’t want to be afraid of them anymore.  At least once a month I’ll seek out a new experience and/or do something I am scared of.  Anyone have any life changing experiences they want to offer?

I invite Release:  I can forgive but I can never forget.  My life has been beautiful but I carry around so much unnecessary baggage.  I want to let go of these things.  I will start a daily meditation practice and hopefully this will help me drop some of this weight I’ve been carrying.  One of my favorite songs is “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and the Machine.  One of the lines go “Leave all your love and your loving behind you, you can’t carry it with you if you want to survive.”



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