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Long Run: Where am I? January 17, 2010

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My long run this week (12 weeks to go!) was supposed to be 11-12 miles.  However true to form I got a little lost.  I was running in Umstead and my map and directions did not correspond with the signs on the trails.  When I got to the half way point I saw that I had already been running for an hour and a half which is about 8 miles at my usual pace.  All together the run took almost 3 hours.  When I got home I checked my route with more maps and figuring in my pace I think I really did around 14 miles.  Woot!

While the fact that I was able to technically do a half marathon without death or even exhaustion is pretty exciting I ran through the entire gamut of emotions during this run.  Everything from gratitude to being able to be out running enjoying the beautiful day to anger and discouragement that running a marathon is the worst idea I’ve ever had and I would never be able to do it.  It is this spectrum that makes me think this is probably one of my most valuable runs.  I realized how important the mental techniques I’ve been reading about are.  I tried a few on my run and they helped but I know I need to take them more seriously and practice them more often.

Now that the real training is happening I need to start utilizing my marathon research; to be more careful about how I am fueling myself and what mental exercises I need to start practicing on the run.  Also I should be adding more strength training into my regimen.  With trying to build everything else in my life while I’ve been running, I haven’t been focusing so much on the other preparations.

Here is a short list of what I should think about this coming week for my next long run (12 miles).

*Note this was written for someone who does their long runs on Sunday, I do mine on Saturday so I’ve changed days where necessary.

Get lots of rest Friday night, aiming for 8 hours sleep.
Make either Friday or Saturday a complete rest day for the legs.
If you do train on Friday, make it a very light workout on the legs.
Begin hydrating on Friday.
Eat meals high in carbohydrates for lunch and dinner Friday. Selecting the “right” foods is an important area of experimentation.
Avoid foods with excessive protein/fat content all day Friday.
Drink about eight ounces of water Saturday morning prior to your long run.
Eat a light snack Saturday morning prior to your long run. This is also an important experimentation area in regard to food selection.
Drink lots of fluids while running. Be sure to stop for water frequently throughout the run. For runs longer than 60 minutes, you MUST drink sports beverages (such as Gatorade, PowerAde, etc.) at every two to three mile interval. Drinking on the run requires careful planning of the route (making sure there is water frequently available along with places to stash sports drinks).
Consider trying gel carbohydrate replacement products. Be sure to chase these supplements down with water to avoid stomach cramps and insure absorption. A final thought: Please dispose of gel and energy product wrappers properly by throwing them away in trash receptacles or placing them in your fanny pack. Let’s all work together to keep the environment clean!
After the run is over, continue to drink fluids (water, sports drinks, and/or juice products are all great choices).
As soon as possible (ideally within 15 minutes), grab something nutritious to eat to replace your depleted glycogen stores. Research indicates that to avoid muscle fatigue the next day, carbohydrates should be eaten as soon as possible following long duration exercise.

So with instigating this routine as well as notes from my other trainers hopefully I’ll see a positive difference between my long run on Jan 10 and Jan 16th.



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