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Raleigh VS Virginia January 5, 2010

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3 months I’ve been unemployed (not including census work)

2 months that I’ve been back on the East Coast from Montana

>1 month I’ve spent in VA

< 1 month I’ve spent in NC

Now I’m trying to figure out if I should stay here in NC or move back to VA.  Things haven’t been going as well as I had hoped.  It started off really well, I found a place to ride almost immediately (although I haven’t made much time to ride), and there were quite a few restaurants within walking distance. It’s taken a while to find a job and I’m not even sure if I can pay the bills with the one I found…

So taking recent events into account (unresolved issue with best friend/roomate, making another withdraw from my savings) I’m considering  calling Raleigh a no-go and heading back to the Old Dominion.  If there is one thing I excel at it’s making lists so I’ve created a pros and cons list for both locations.

Virginia – Pros

  • Could probably spend time back at Zepp shooting at cans and communing with the outdoors
  • Most likely could get a part-time job at a friend’s clothing store
  • Could spend more time with aging relatives before I move out West for good
  • Could probably go out to Montana earlier
  • Would have a lot more space
  • Would save A LOT of money

Virginia – Cons

  • Dealing with family (I love them, but they still treat me as I am 16)
  • Feeling pathetic for being almost 25 and still living at home
  • Have to drive to everything
  • Still not having my own space
  • Probably have to burn the few bridges I’ve made here in Raleigh
  • Probably not being able to find a position of any kind with either Equine Assisted Therapy or working with autistic people.
  • Might not be able to find a way to ride.

Raleigh – Pros

  • I would feel more independent
  • Already found a place to ride for free
  • Possibly already have two part time jobs
  • Started volunteering for a therapeutic riding center
  • Was offered the opportunity to learn how to drive (horses not cars, but I don’t know if I’ll have the time)

Raleigh – Cons

  • Currently not very happy with this living situation
  • Would spend more money
  • Might not be able to go out to Montana until the end of May
  • Would feel guilty (but not sad) for having to leave

I’ve put out some feelers to people in VA about jobs as well as riding.  Depending on what I hear from them and how this next week in Raleigh goes I hope to make a decision next week.  Also I have to call my Montana boss and hear what he has to say.

And since I’m feeling nostalgic

What I miss about my time in Montana

  • Riding whenever I wanted, however I wanted (I didn’t do enough of this)
  • Being able to be alone
  • Driving a tractor
  • Cracking a bull whip
  • The company
  • Strong arms
  • Being encouraged to try anything
  • Believing that I actually had something to offer.

Ich Ein Marathoner December 29, 2009

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It feels good to be back in Raleigh. (Although it would feel a little bit better if on the drive down I hadn’t gained $160.00 in speeding fines 😦 ). My mindset is completely different down here. I am so much more content and find that motivation and focus come much easier.

So finally I went running.  My usual routes at my parents house were covered in snow, so the only exercise I did there was the NordicTrack (shout-out to 1990’s fitness) and walking the dog.  It was only 4 days but it felt like an eternity. Now I have to amend my training plan a little.  I am using “The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer” by Whitsett, Dolgener and Kile.  They say it’s alright to miss a run now and then but this is the week where my long runs go up into the double digits and I’ll log over 20 miles total this week so I feel like this is an important week to do correctly.  Also I started the 16-week plan about 19 weeks before the actual marathon in case of injuries or holidays etc, so I’ve got some wiggle room.

I’ve been listening (and belting along to) Defying Gravity from Wicked for the past two days.  Actually, I think it was the only song I listened to on my 3-mile run today.  I feel like such a teenage girl.  Perhaps I’ll make it my anthem for 2010?

My long run is 10 miles this week for a total weekly mileage of 20.  Last week I was really nervous about 8 miles but it turned out to be fairly easy.  So far the most difficult part about this marathon training is figuring out the training routes.

Also this week I have to make two “mental highlight reels.”  One should be about the best training run I’ve had.  I’d say mine has to be the 7-mile run I did in Umstead State Park.  I did not have the dog with me so that was one less thing I had to be concerned with.  It was cold that day and it was the day of the big storm that snowed in the East Coast (well North of Raleigh anyway), so it smelled like snow and the air had that a velvety feel to it.  The run was almost completely in the woods, it went along side a creek for aways.  There was some tricky terrain I had to maneuver over, but I could tell my body liked running on the dirt much better than the asphalt I usually do.  I had my ipod, mostly listened to Florence and the Machine’s “Lungs.”  I wasn’t listening to it too loudly as I could still hear my breathing and the sound of my feet against the ground.  I remember feeling so much lighter running in the park as opposed to the road or the trail in Apex.  At the end of my run it was just starting to snow (the flakes didn’t last long) and even though I was tired I immediately felt rejuvenated.  There is something about snow that activates child tendencies.

The second mental tape is off what we’d imagine it would be like to finish a marathon… what I will look like, the weather, who will be there, what I would say to them.  I am signed up for the Virginia Creeper Marathon in Abingdon, Virginia on March 28th.  Like most marathons it starts in the morning.  March weather is kind of difficult to predict but I see it as being chilly and cloudy, overcast so I will want to wear brighter clothes, I see myself in running capris and some kind of bright top, I’m thinking like a rose color.  (Looking at the pictures from previous years there doesn’t seem to be a ‘proper’ outfit.  I’m thinking I’ll buy some new gear (some of mine is starting to wear out) at least a month before the marathon so I can ‘test drive’ it.)  My face will be red but my eyes very bright.  My parents will be there but I don’t think I’ll be saying much to them, I imagine I’ll be out of breath and relatively emotional.  But I’ll thank them for coming.

What I like about this book is that it has a lot of mental exercises.   (One of the techniques is to start identifying yourself as a marathoner even if you haven’t completed one yet – hence this post’s title).  It covers the physical basics but the visualizations and other techniques are what really give you the belief that you can actually do this.  The anecdotes of what people imagine while they’re running are really fun.  I know I do my best thinking when running and after I’ve ‘solved’ all my problems my imagination runs wild with fantasies of running a marathon or running in the woods, becoming another person for a while or having crazy adventures.

So what about you other runners out there?  What do you think of when running?  Or do you not think at all?