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Raleigh VS Virginia January 5, 2010

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3 months I’ve been unemployed (not including census work)

2 months that I’ve been back on the East Coast from Montana

>1 month I’ve spent in VA

< 1 month I’ve spent in NC

Now I’m trying to figure out if I should stay here in NC or move back to VA.  Things haven’t been going as well as I had hoped.  It started off really well, I found a place to ride almost immediately (although I haven’t made much time to ride), and there were quite a few restaurants within walking distance. It’s taken a while to find a job and I’m not even sure if I can pay the bills with the one I found…

So taking recent events into account (unresolved issue with best friend/roomate, making another withdraw from my savings) I’m considering  calling Raleigh a no-go and heading back to the Old Dominion.  If there is one thing I excel at it’s making lists so I’ve created a pros and cons list for both locations.

Virginia – Pros

  • Could probably spend time back at Zepp shooting at cans and communing with the outdoors
  • Most likely could get a part-time job at a friend’s clothing store
  • Could spend more time with aging relatives before I move out West for good
  • Could probably go out to Montana earlier
  • Would have a lot more space
  • Would save A LOT of money

Virginia – Cons

  • Dealing with family (I love them, but they still treat me as I am 16)
  • Feeling pathetic for being almost 25 and still living at home
  • Have to drive to everything
  • Still not having my own space
  • Probably have to burn the few bridges I’ve made here in Raleigh
  • Probably not being able to find a position of any kind with either Equine Assisted Therapy or working with autistic people.
  • Might not be able to find a way to ride.

Raleigh – Pros

  • I would feel more independent
  • Already found a place to ride for free
  • Possibly already have two part time jobs
  • Started volunteering for a therapeutic riding center
  • Was offered the opportunity to learn how to drive (horses not cars, but I don’t know if I’ll have the time)

Raleigh – Cons

  • Currently not very happy with this living situation
  • Would spend more money
  • Might not be able to go out to Montana until the end of May
  • Would feel guilty (but not sad) for having to leave

I’ve put out some feelers to people in VA about jobs as well as riding.  Depending on what I hear from them and how this next week in Raleigh goes I hope to make a decision next week.  Also I have to call my Montana boss and hear what he has to say.

And since I’m feeling nostalgic

What I miss about my time in Montana

  • Riding whenever I wanted, however I wanted (I didn’t do enough of this)
  • Being able to be alone
  • Driving a tractor
  • Cracking a bull whip
  • The company
  • Strong arms
  • Being encouraged to try anything
  • Believing that I actually had something to offer.

The Begining Growl December 18, 2009

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Alright I know, worst blog name ever but I wasn’t really feeling up to spending an atrocious amount of time coming up with something that was clever or eloquent when it would most likely come out as pretentious.  So why ‘wandering grizzly’?  I like that the latin name for grizzly literally means ‘horrible bear.’  I think that grizzly bears picked an awesome habitat to live in.  I like that they are typically not social but can be.  I like that they eat people and are big and smelly and basically bad-ass.  And as for wandering… as an unemployed, not quite homeless 20 something whose biggest aspiration is self-realization I feel like wandering is a pretty adept one-word description of my life.

So why blogging?  Why join the millions of ‘writers’ contribution to the abundance unasked for and unwanted opinions that is the internet?  I suppose it’s because for the past year I have been in the throes of what has been dubbed a “Quarter-Life Crisis.”  After scouring the internet for some guidance and camaraderie during this period I was unsatisfied.   The thoughts in my head need someplace to go, and by making them public I hope to avoid the melodrama and melancholy that often goes with journal writing.  Because I miss beautiful language and proper grammar.  Because I need something ‘constructive’ to do as I fret over my ‘life path.’

So dear reader, I hope it was not some misfortune that sent you stumbling onto my little nest of mediocrity and ego.  If you decide to stay and visit I hope you find some sort of entertainment or maybe even inspiration in my humble words and that you offer some of your own.